About Us

The Concept behind the Havana Club Group

One of the earliest cigar aficionado in Malaysia met regularly to enjoy their finest cigars. These group gentlemen, at their prime time, knew how to enjoy life to the fullest, which was a fine cigar smoke in the company of good acquaintances. As their passion for cigars grew, so did their vision for a beautiful retreat in the center of the busy Kuala Lumpur cosmopolitan.

With such firm passion for fun cigars and superior business attunement, it is no wonder why the Havana Club is the popular choice among the bold and famous in Malaysia.

The Havana Club Today

The Havana Club today defines a great cigar smoking experience. It is a celebration of lifestyle and success. The first Havana Club was created in 1990. It was a dream comes true for all connoisseurs. Being the first cigar divan in Malaysia and it became the ultimate hype in the lifestyle of the rich and famous and among the successful figures in Malaysia.

A walk to Havana Club will be like a gentle breeze through a beautiful garden. At any time, there are more than 200 unique cigars on display in our temperature and humidity controlled walk-in humidor.

Our Staff

Each visit to the Havana Club is made perfect by our team of enthusiastic staff members.

We ensure our staff well equipped with prompt and efficient service and knowledge to carry our brand. The manager of operation leads this dedicated team. Managing the team and the operation on a daily basis was lead by a dedicated manager. He has been veteran in the cigar world and F&B industry.

Key Personnel:

Chief Operating Officer:- Mohd Zaini Bin Shaferi

Operations Assitant  Manager:- Azraniza Binti Zakeriah

Senior Marketing Executives:- Mashoruddin @ Boy