This is the Country's Most Extensive & Largest Walk-In Humidor

It was the vision of fine living, style and distinctive taste of success that Havana Club was created ~ a total lifestyle concept, designed and developed specially for the cigar connoisseur. It is a sanctuary for cigar lover to enjoy the pleasures of a fine smoke and Latin music accompanied by his favourite drink and friends, or simple to be a heaven to relax after a busy day.

It was the dawn of the early 90s, a group of gentlemen, who are the early birds of cigar connoisseurs in Malaysia, decided to create a place for all cigar smokers to indulge and appreciate the art of cigar smoking. Being prominent business figures, they set out to create the hub of their very passion, the first Havana Club was created in 1990. It turned out to be not just a place, but a haven...the dreams come true for all connoisseurs, the first serious cigar divan in Malaysia. From then onwards, the trend of premium cigar appreciation escalated. It became the ultimate hype in the lifestyles of the rich and famous and among the successful figures in Malaysia. Very soon, Havana Club became a famous local brand of international par and began selling franchise businesses.


Today, Havana Club is the largest cigar retailer in the country, housing the largest and most extensive walk-in humidor in South East Asia, standing the most strategic locations at the heart of Kuala Lumpur with three wholly owned cigar divan. Havana Club is in the midst of expanding through the joint venture with the leading hotel in Malaysia.

Presently the divans are located at the best hotels in the most strategic locations at the very heart of Kuala Lumpur - the " Havana Club@Concorde Hotel KL", the "chic and modern" Havana Club @ Le Meridien Hotel KL, easy and comfortable setting reminiscent of the old Havana Club and The "Cosmopolitan" Havana Club@One World Hotel PJ and the latest edition of our undiscovered Havana Club @ Duta Vista Executive Suites

The Havana Club is all about cigars. The Havana Club Group presently stocks the largest selection of cigars in Malaysia and together with its selected team of cigars specialist passionately serving under its operation and its extensive connections in the cigar world, it provides the best in terms of cigars and its related services. The Havana Club is experienced and passionate about the art of cigars and cigar smoking and brings to its guests and client's great level of satisfaction in term of service and quality of the products.

Havana Club recently has under taken the role of promoting the best of Cuban/Latin culture, music and art, bringing into Malaysia legends after legends which translate fine living, exquisite style and distinctive taste in association with the fine art of cigar appreciation. Over the years, Havana Club presented Malaysia with the Godfather of Cuban Cigars, Don Alejandro Robaina, making his first mark in Asia and the Grandfather of Cuban music. The Bar at Buena Vista. Simply put, Havana Club is where "all things cigar" would be, catering to the whims and fancies of every cigar smoker.