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Cohiba Piramides Extra (L.E 2012)


Pirámides Extra Ring Gauge 54 (21.43 mm) x 160 mm long sticks to the Cohiba Linea Clasica’s blend, with a mild-to-strong taste. It’s complete rolled by hand with leaves hailing from the finest tobacco plantations of San Juan y Martinez (D.O.O.) and San Luis (D.O.O.), in the region of Vuelta Abajo (D.O.O.) in the province of Pinar del Río (D.O.O.) in Cuba.
Cohiba habanos are penciled in as exclusive cigars because, among other things, is the company’s only brand in which three of the four leaf types used in the rolling process –Seco, Ligero and Medio Tiempo– endure additional fermentation in casks –a very special process that renders in unmatched aroma and taste.
This foreground paves the way for the success of the new Pirámides Extra by Cohiba, which already made a big splash during this year’s 14th Habano Festival and has garnered tremendous acclaim in different presentations around the world.


Ramon Allones Superiores


Of great complexity and strong flavour as it is characteristic in the brand, the Superiores is as complex and strongly flavoured as it is characteristic of the Ramon Allones brand. Only 5,000 boxes were made available worldwide, each of them hold 10 hand rolled Corona Gorda sized cigars. Rare and in high demand.


Partagas Serie C No. 3 (L.E 2012)


Serie C No.3, 48 ring gauge x 140 mm in length is the vitola selected in Partagás brand for this 2012 Edición Limitada- limited edition  offering within the Series of the brand another choice for those  who enjoy  intense flavours and inimitable aroma. This cigar has hints of chocolate throughout, touches of coffee and notes of wood. Picks up strength with a hint of floral as well as the earth.


Montecristo Gran Reserva

The same size as a regular Monte 2, 6 1/8 inches by 52 ring, the Gran Reservas are made with older tobaccos than those in a traditional Monte. Habanos says the tobacco to make the cigars was culled from the 2005 harvest and then aged for at least five years prior to rolling into cigars. The Montecristo Gran Reservas come with secondary bands in black and gold, with a scripted and intertwined GR. The boxes are slim and elegant, with a piano lacquer finish, gold stripe on the left hand side and gold type on the front. The boxes will be numbered, each containing 15 cigars. There will be 5,000 boxes released, for a total production run of 75,000 cigars.


La Gloria Cubana Inmensos 898


La Gloria Cubana is a little known jewel among Habano brands. It does, surprisingly enough, enjoy a long history in the smoking world. Founded in 1885, its name alone clearly defines its origin. For over a century it has attracted a small but loyal following among the most knowledgeable smokers. The brand is characterized by its elegant presentation, especially in the Medaille d'Or Series. All the cigars are 'totalmente a mano', tripa larga totally hand made, long filler cigars. The blend, made from tobaccos grown in the Vuelta Abajo region, is classified as medium and offers well-balanced nuances of taste and aroma.
The Inmensos was part of the 2010 Casa del Habano series from Habanos and was produced in 5000 boxes (not numbered) containing 10 cigars. The Sublimes size (54 ring gauge x 164 mm) lends itself beautifully to the Gloria blend with notes of honey and leather dominating. This is not a strong cigar, but the finale is intense.


H.Upmann Robusto (L.E 2012)

The H. Upmann Robusto will measure 4 7/8 inches by 50 ring gauge, the standard dimensions for a Cuban Robusto.

H. Upmann is a very old cigar brand, but it doesn’t have a robusto in its permanent lineup. (In the pre-Castro Cuba days, the H. Upmann brand was owned by Menendez, Garcia y Cia., producers of Montecristos, another Cuban cigar brand without a regular-production robusto.) There was a limited-edition H. Upmann Robusto created for a Cannes Fair travel humidor in 2008.


H.Upmann Half Corona


Herman Upmann was a German banker whose passion for the Habanos took him to establish himself in Havana in 1840. He founded a bank and a Factory of Habanos in 1844. The bank closed, but his cigar brand persists in our days, and it is considered a reference within the most refined Habanos with its light to medium flavor.
The blend of the brand is made with leaves from the zone of Vuelta Abajo in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. All H.Upmann Habanos are made Totalmente a Mano, Tripa Larga -Totally by hand with long filler”. The excellent quality and long history flaunted by the brand is shown in the gold medals that adorn the box, obtained in no less than eleven international fairs during the 19th century and which constitute a characteristic element of this brand. Those medals can be seen in the front part of this tiny Half Corona metal case.
In the following weeks the H.Upmann Half Corona (44 ring gauge x 90mm in length) in metal case of 5 will start to be available in the best shops worldwide. Half Corona offers the possibility to enjoy a Habano in any circumstance, with a format than can be smoked in less than 20 minutes.
Through this attractive presentation, H. Upmann recovers the historical tradition of Habanos to produce metal cases. This Half Corona case can easily be transported and protects your Half Coronas properly.
H.Upmann Half Corona is an invitation to a short smoke of a pleasant blend and it is ideal for those who initiate themselves in the extraordinary world of the Habano.

Partagas Serie E No. 2

Partagás, the famous brand of the Habanos, had its origins in the year 1845. Its characteristics formats, very well appreciated historically by the smokers who enjoy intense flavors. The Series will complement the range that the brand already has with the much appreciated Serie D No 4 and considered by experts as the most representative vitola.
A Partagás Habano is immediately recognized by its rich and intense flavor. The nature of its blend, made up by tobacco leaves selected  from the Vuelta Abajo Region, is of an inimitable richness and aroma.  All the habanos are manufactured ¨Totalmente a Mano¨ con tripa larga (Long Filler Totally by Hand).
The new Partagás Serie E No.2 (54 ring gauge x140mm length) inaugurates a  new Partagas Serie,  exclusively created with a ring gauge of 54, greatest ring gauge up to now presented in parejos for this brand: as an innovation to its image, a flap to separate the cigars in the box and an exterior lithographed piece of paper has been added to make the wooden boxes of the brand more easily identifiable in the outlets.

Cohiba 1966 Limited Edition 2011

During the 2011 Habanos Festival we had the pleasure to test smoke some of these. They were handed out officially for the first time during the H. Upmann Gala night Feb 23rd, 2011

The maduro wrapper and the very powerfull blend will mature to perfection in the next years. The Cañonazo sized cigar (like Siglo VI but with a so called pig tail) is packed with flavours of roasted coffee and toasted bread. The tasting samples we had in the factories were very young and showed a bit too much power for now. Basically they remind me to the young Cohiba Double Coronas - a cigar that is extremly well to smoke now. So, when these come out grab some boxes and let them rest a while. 


Ramon Allones Allones Extra

Allones Extra existed until the end of the 70´s of the 20th century in the normal range of the brand and is now produced in this 2011 Limited Edition.  This Edición Limitada is characterized as well by the incorporation of a historic ring that existed in the past centuries in Ramón Allones, one of the oldest Habanos brands, which was created in 1837, and makes of this limited Edition an exclusive and limited collectible item.


Short Hoyo de Monterrey Piramides 2011

The dimensions of this short Hoyo Piramides is 5.3 inches and a ring gauge of 46, which should give you an hour of smoking, and in this case you’ll be given the pleasure of tasting some of Hoyo de Monterrey’s finest tobacco, aged for at least two years and the wrapper leaves coming from the Tapado which is shade grown black Cuban tobacco. These cigars have been hand crafted and selected tobacco varieties have been used in its filler, binder and wrapper.